It was dark as I drove the point home

In an attempt to quell some anxiety, I will blog today. Seriously, if I’d spent half as much time writing as I do thinking about writing this wouldn’t be a problem. But alas, my capacity for crippling self-doubt coupled with my penchant for procrastination knows no bounds. Points for consistency? *shrugs*

A few updates since my last post:

  • I am no longer unemployed! Well, sort of. I’ve been getting a lot of freelance work lately and it’s been great. September was awesome. Riding a wave of depression at the tail end of August, I suddenly had a string of good luck come my way and it’s really done wonders for my mental health. Hopefully it continues for a while.
  • My family is coming to visit at the end of the month! You can’t imagine how excited I am for that.
  • I’ve taken up running! As someone who used to share Ann Perkins’s feelings about it, this is a huge feat, one that was made a lot easier with the help of this particular app. Since I started almost two weeks ago, I’ve run about 33 km already. It really helped ease me into the routine, especially as someone who couldn’t really run continuously for very long. It helps that I live right next to a massive park that has running trails and scenic views. I don’t think I would’ve started if I had to run on the street.
  • We moved to a new apartment! It’s been more than two weeks since we moved to Hai Ba Trung from our Hoan Kiem apartment and it has been wonderful. I love this neighborhood so much! Don’t get me wrong, I kind of miss the wide roads and the proximity to the Old Quarter, but, yeah, that’s about it. I love that everything is literally right outside our apartment: the best cafes, bun spots, and of course, Tong Nhat Park. In the last week alone, we’ve discovered our new favorite Japanese restaurant (that’s open til 2 am!), a gem of a banh cuon place near Vincom, an amazing dim sum place, our new favorite massage parlour, and a corner cafe that sells a mean ca phe sua chua (yogurt coffee). The fact that ATK (the bar where Joff works) is just three blocks away is a bonus.
  • We’re seeing Morrissey when we’re in Bangkok in two weeks. It’ll be my second time seeing him and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Been listening to not much else but The Smiths lately. It’s bringing me back to my early 20s when that’s all I would do. It got me thinking about what my three favorite songs of theirs are and I came up with: Rubber Ring, Back to the Old House, and, probably my all-time favorite, That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore. (If anyone’s reading this, what are yours?)

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