You were so poorly cast as a malcontent

I’m writing this from my parents’ house in Merville six days into our post-Poblacion existence. Moving out of that apartment, one we’d spent the better part of two years in, was a lot tougher than I had anticipated. Sure it wasn’t the best apartment, in fact it had started falling apart about four months before moving out.  The pipes underneath the bathroom sink wouldn’t stop leaking, then the toilet started leaking, shortly after that the kitchen sink started making this loud ringing noise. I told myself this was the universe’s way of encouraging us to leave Manila; the truth was was that the building just had shitty plumbing.

Still, it was the first apartment I had made my own. And I will always look back on our days there with a fondness reserved for beat-up books and dirty, overused sneakers.

So long, 2A.

Moving on, this is the second time I’ve contracted some sort of stomach infection in the last three weeks. I wish I could chalk it up to stress but all I’ve been doing is going to the beach on weekends and vegging out at home, so there’s no excuse for my shitty immune response. Ugh. It doesn’t help that I am seriously craving Korean food right now and miss the days when my fix was just a two minute walk away. Jumong, I love you forever.

15 days til Hanoi.