Life Lately #1

Pickled red onion is the gift that keeps on giving

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I should be. I know. I promise to do better.

Life has been delightfully uneventful lately. I say delightfully because when you get to a certain age, as I have, you kind of relish the absence of drama in your life. It’s the seemingly boring stuff that I go gaga over these days: quiet mornings spent making and eating breakfast with Joff, weekends when all I have to concern myself with are which shows I want to watch and what I’m having for lunch/dinner, falling asleep on the couch while playing Star Wars Commander, listening to my podcasts with a cigarette in one hand and a Schlurp in the other. Just listing all these things down makes me giddy. These days, I don’t get FOMO anymore. I get JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Going through Instagram on a Saturday night gives me intense JOMO that I’m not at some shitty bar paying for overpriced cocktails while trying to shoot the shit with someone I barely know. UGH.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just done with that life, but who knows? This is probably just a phase and I’ll soon be chomping at the bit to get crazy at ‘da club’ again. Probably not, though, but YA NEVER KNOW.

Anyway, here are some things that have been keeping me busy:

  1. SURVIVOR IS BACK! – If you’re one of those people who groans, “What? People still watch that?” when someone mentions Survivor then you are not my people and maybe stop reading this blog? Survivor is a huge part of my life. (Sad, I know.) and I’m like a kid during Christmas whenever it’s on. I love this show so much and I love its fans even more. I recently got added to a local Survivor fan group on Facebook (thanks, Anj!) and it has made my life exponentially better now that I’m able to talk about this stuff with people from here. My friends are big fans of the show too but I worry I annoy them sometimes. So, yay!
  2. The Serial Dynasty Podcast – If you followed Serial then Serial Dynasty is an absolute must-listen. Bob Ruff, Dynasty’s host, distills new information gathered by the Undisclosed team (Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson, and Colin Miller) plus his own findings into easily digestible nuggets of HOLY SHIT. It’s amazing the stuff they’re finding out and I’m still floored to learn there are STILL so many people who believe Adnan Syed had anything to do with Hae Min Lee’s murder. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
  3. How to Get Away with Murder – I started watching this show just to fan out over Matt McGorry. 6 episodes in and I’m enjoying it. I wouldn’t say I’m hooked or that it’s the greatest show ever, but it’s entertaining and I hear it gets better, so I’m on board for now. At least until Bennet gets his ass back on OITNB.
  4. BOYS AND PIZZA – To deal with the less-than-savory aspects of my life, I started a new Instagram account! It combines the two things I love in life: cute boys and food. Please follow BoysAndPizza for your daily dose of gluten and dreamboats!



Author: Chiara Cui

Writer, editor, hummus purveyor, baboushka in training

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