Sweet and sour speech

Well, yesterday’s market was a bust. While I thankfully was able to break even, I didn’t sell nearly as much as I’d hoped I would. Meanwhile, my booth neighbors were selling out.

I learned a lot, though, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I know now that I definitely need to beef up my booth decor, and that Makati folk are a pretty fickle bunch. I also may need to consider selling some smaller, cheaper portions.

I also wanna experiment with making falafels. I used to cook them all the time when I went vegetarian but haven’t since. Why make your own when Beni’s Falafel is a 10-minute walk away? (Note to self: Get Beni’s for dinner?) But I’ve been thinking of making hummus or falafel wraps for future markets. Gotta do some more experimenting in the Cool Beans kitchen (aka my small but cozy kitchen).

After the market we headed to Gianco and Viella’s apartment to salvage the remains of an otherwise shitty day. Managed to do exactly that after we copped a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, some gruyere and Port Salut from The Market, a cute little deli in Salcedo Village, and some pretty good chorizo from Ralph’s. Spent the night nerding it up over Star Wars Commander, excitement over the new season of Survivor, and American Ninja Warrior videos on YouTube.

I gotta admit I was feeling pretty fucking defeated at the market yesterday. Thoughts like ‘well, I’m never doing this again’ and ‘wow, this is embarrassing’ were running laps in my brain. There were a few moments when I just wanted to pack it up and leave. But I’m glad I stayed, and even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, I really do believe it was a valuable learning experience. Just the thing I needed to kick me out of complacency. And the fact that the night ended on a high note, with four of the best people in my life, helped immensely.

The sweet truly ain’t as sweet without the bitter.

PS. New-old favorite song: Paul McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It” ugh so good.


Author: Chiara Cui

Writer, editor, hummus purveyor, baboushka in training

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