RIP Madonna

Disclaimer: This blog isn’t a lifestyle blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just trying to manage your expectations. (Or my expectations.) You won’t find any life-changing advice here; I’m not dispensing any sage words over the merits of mason jars (though, I can attest to there being plenty) and the KonMari method here. I’m just trying to get out of a five year creative slump by doing what I’ve been avoiding for so long, which is to just fucking write.

I’m just tired of second-guessing myself. I know it’ll never end, so my way of fighting it is to just do what I want regardless of how terrible an idea I think it is. (Tbh, I’m already kicking myself over writing this disclaimer, but WHATEVS. Shut up, brain.)

Now that that’s out of the way. Some sad news:

Madonna and Birgitte

My first cactus, Madonna, died yesterday. Rot somehow (edit: lol I just found out I was giving her way too much water) got in and started eating away at the base. She was my favorite, and it sucks, but it’s ok. I’ll try again. Meanwhile, Birgitte is thriving. She’s got so many new sprouts I’m gonna have to transfer her to a bigger pot. If you’re looking for a fool-proof plant to start yourself off and dip your feet into crazy plant person territory, fernwood sanseverias are your best bet.


Author: Chiara Cui

Writer, editor, hummus purveyor, baboushka in training

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