This would be funny if it weren’t so sad

Hello, internet!

Now, before you roll your eyes at yet another blogging attempt, let me tell you, it’s different this time.

Just kidding, no it’s not, and I’ll probably end up abandoning this one too, but for now, let’s have a little fun, shall we?

It’s been a while, I admit, but how ’bout I get you up to speed.

In 2015, I am:

  • Managing Editor at – I started this new position in January of this year. It’s been swell so far and, after taking a year and a half off to freelance (and slowly lose my mind), it’s been nice being able to interact with actual people I like and not faceless names on a screen! So, yay! Also, the monthly check doesn’t hurt.
  • Running my own food business – I now run a small food business out of my apartment called Cool Beans. I make and sell hummus to order, and out of the Connie’s Kitchen deli in New Manila. It’s been a fun and tiring ride so far (mostly fun) and I can’t wait to build my own hummus empire. I’m getting there, I think.
  • Thriving like a motherfucker – I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Poblacion with the man I love and two house plants: a cactus named Madonna and a sansevieria named Birgitte. I like my life a lot.


  • Working on a zine that actually looks like it may get finished! Shiny Beef is a food-focused zine that features recipes and essays from myself and a slew of amazing Manila-based writers such as Bong Sta. Maria, Nikki Ignacio, Nicole Sebastian, Diane Wuthrich, Anton Umali, and Marla Miniano.

And you’re caught up! Feels strange reducing my life to a few measly bullet points, but w/e, I will spare you the boring-ass details (ie. let’s save them for another post).

I don’t really know the direction this blog is gonna take, and that’s okay. I’ve been trying to be kinder to myself in a lot of ways and not having things quite figured out is part of that.

So, here we go.


Author: Chiara Cui

Writer, editor, hummus purveyor, baboushka in training

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